Mama Sunshine Album Design

Nigerian Soul Singer-Songwriter TolumiDE has released the Artwork Design for highly anticipated “Mama Sunshine” acoustic EP album, unveiled as a well rounded cultural experience as she sings in English and her native language Yoruba and partnered major African talents – Jaja Basheghezi (Congo) and Toby Foyeh (Nigeria), who co-wrote Mama Sunshine and Ikoyi Ikejaā€¯. Listeners journey through themes of encouragement, self-assurance, survival, nostalgia and love in an extended acoustic version of Your Arms Funmilayo produced with James McKinney. TolumiDE says “the songs featured share hopes and realities of living as a women and an African in diaspora”.

The album artwork features TolumiDE photographed in Bahamas by Scharad Lightbourne, a photo of Tolu with her mother Adeyinka Olumide taken in Lagos, Nigeria and a warm gratitude mention of all indiegogo supporters who pre-ordered the album. Mama Sunshine music will be officially released to the public on November 2nd, 2018 and will be available for purchase via

View EP Album Design as fullscreen here