TolumiDE LIVE in DC at Appioo!

TolumiDE LIVE at Appioo featuring Kevin Jackson (Guitar), Emma Adama (Drums/Vocals), Josh Patani (Bass) and Bosede Evelyn Mann (B.vocals). Photos by Jeremy Mines…read more

Studio Session at

TolumiDE Acoustic Soul Series featuring Jaja Bashengezi (Guitar), Kevin Prince (Percussion) and Bosede Evelyn Mann (B.vocals). Recorded by Zack Dawson of Beyond Collective. Photos by Jeremy Mines…read more

TolumiDE LIVE in DC at Appioo!

On Friday February 26th, 2016 at 7pm Love celebration continues at Appioo African Bar and Grill ( where TolumiDE performs LIVE! with Band of Musicians. Come eat good African Food and Listen to songs from ‘My Love’ album, a few Newies, Oldies & Special Surprises 🙂 FREE! with RSVP Powered by Eventbrite…read more

Grammy Amplifier Contest 2015

“More Than You’ll Ever Know” from My Love Album is listed to The GRAMMYs Amplifier Contest. Help TolumiDE “amplify” and win! Click HERE, Play music on Amplifier page and Post to share page! ??Warm Regards TolumiDE ‪…read more